Company Name: COMO Uma Bhutan
Business Sector: Hospitality
Address: PO Box 222 Paro, Bhutan
Tel no.:
Fax no.:
Website: www.
Company Background: COMO Uma Bhutan comprises two properties from COMO Hotels and Resorts. The first to open was COMO Uma Paro in the Paro Valley, close to many of Bhutan’s great cultural landmarks. The second to open was COMO Uma Punakha, a five-hour drive away in the picturesque Punakha Valley. COMO Uma Paro is the larger of the two, with nine private villas and 20 rooms. COMO Uma Punakha is more intimate, with just eight rooms and two villas, including an exclusive two-bedroom COMO Villa. At both lodges, accommodation provides a deeply comfortable and luxurious retreat, to be enjoyed after a day’s cultural activities and adventure pursuits, from Himalayan trekking to archery and white-water rafting.
Company Activities: COMO Uma Bhutan, comprised of two award-winning lodges, COMO Uma Punakha and COMO Uma Paro — voted best and second best hotels in Asia, respectively, by Condé Nast Traveler — takes guests to the heart of the ethereal Himalayan Kingdom. COMO Uma Paro is situated on the cusp of the Paro Valley, made up of 20 rooms and nine villas. COMO Uma Punakha is more intimate, with just eight rooms and two villas, located a five-hour drive through the Himalayas from Paro. Stays encompass comprehensive adventure itineraries, award-winning COMO Shambhala therapies and nutritious cuisine using local, seasonal ingredients.


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