Company Name: Basant Kumar Dugar
Business Sector: Banking & Finance
Address: Post Box No.1451,Bangkok-10112,Thailand
Tel no.:
Fax no.:
Website: -
Company Background: Business Advisor of MNCs on ASEAN, European and UK Affairs, etc. Business Excellence Initiatives, etc.
Company Activities: Profit Enhancement and Income Maximization Initiatives; Stockholders Equity and Market Cap Improvement Initiatives: Business Excellence Initiatives; New Market Expansion and Marketing Excellence Initiatives; Global Tax Planning under DTAAs and FTAs Initiatives; Financial and Forex Management Initiatives; Cash, Money Market, Treasury, Inter Bank and Banking Management Initiatives under Basel-III; New Project Management and Profitable Capex Initiatives; In-Organic Business Supply Chain Expansion and Profitable M&A Initiatives; Good Corporate Governance and Good Management Controls and ESG Initiatives; International Operating Head Quarters (IOHQ) Initiatives; Nano and Micro Finance Management Initiatives; Fortune 500 Company Maker: Dow Jones Sustainability Company Maker; Highest Triple A Credit Rating Company Maker: Global Financial Center, Global Treasury Center ; Global Trading Center Maker; Self – Financed Company Maker; New FIN–TECH–Initiatives; Digital Economy 4.0 and UHNI Investments Initiatives.


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