STCC and SPETA Partnership

On 28th September 2018 the Singapore Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC) and the Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA) have signed an MOU to collaborate. This is an exciting development for the members of STCC and SPETA.

The MOU covers 3 areas of cooperation as follows:
1) Business Collaboration: Connecting potential members of STCC in Thailand seeking potential business relationship including sourcing for supplier, partner, agency and etc. with members of SPETA.
2) Technology Collaboration: Connect potential companies in Thailand seeking for business expansion in Asia, technology collaboration (technology transfer and research and development) and risk sharing.
3) Expansion Platform: For SPETA members who wishes to expand to Thailand.

This means that STCC and SPETA will gain access to a much larger network and know-how by sharing information, technology, and contacts.